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woensdag 15 juli 2015


PEARL, Richard M.,
An Introduction to Principles of Physical and Historical Geology
College Outline Series, nr. 13
Barnes & Nobles Inc., New York, 1960;
Third (revised ) edition, reprint, 1971
SBN 389000558

 Handbook geology of Richard M. Pearl, professor of geology at Colorado College. His book covers the introductory course in general geology, which is usually divided into one semester each of physical geology and historical geology. The book contains a tabulated bibliography and quick reference table to other standard textbooks of geology.

  1. The Science of geology
  2. Our planet Earth
  3. Interior of the Earth
  4. Vulcanism
  5. Geologic Structures produced by Diastrophism
  6. Earthquakes
  7. Minerals
  8. Rocks
  9. Weathering and Soils
  10. Gravity Movements
  11. Streams
  12. Ground Water
  13. Glaciation
  14. Swamps and Lakes
  15. Oceans
  16. Wind
  17. Maps
  18. Origin of the Earth
  19. Evolution of Life
  20. Interpretation of Geologic History
  21. Pre-Cambrian Era
  22. Paleozoic Era
  23. Mesozoic Era
  24. Cenozoic Era
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