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donderdag 24 mei 2012

The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge

The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge
The Complete Guide to the Occult
Nash Publishing, Fawcett Popular Library (CBS), New York, 1970
[ISBN 0445084499 (Worldcat, Wikipedia)]

 Book I - Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge
  1. The Kabbalah
  2. The Realm of the Spirit
  3. The Origin of Physical Life
  4. The Mysteries of Sex
  5. The Soul
  6. Mortality and Immortality
  7. The Dark Satellite
  8. The Astral World
  9. Mind Power
  10. Mediumship, it's Nature and Mysteries
Book II - The Art of Prophecy
  1. The Great Prophets
  2. Psychic Power Development
  3. The Stars and Science
  4. Astrology Lessons for Beginners
  5. Your Stars and their Influences
  6. The Science of Numerology
  7. The Tarot
  8. Using the Magic Mirror
  9. The other Psychic Sciences
  10. Methods of Winning

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