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dinsdag 9 juli 2013

The Historians' History of the World

The Historians' History of the World
Encyclopædia Britannica, New York, 1904;
Morrison & Gibb of Edinburgh Ltd, London, 1904;
The History Associaton, London and New York, 1907.
The Historians' History of the World, subtitled A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise and Development of Nations as Recorded by over two thousand of the Great Writers of all Ages, is a 25-volume encyclopedia of world history

 List of Volumes
  • Volume I: Prolegomena, Egypt, Mesopotamia; The prolegomena discuss various topics relating to the practice of historical study.
  • Volume II: Israel, India, Persia, Phoenicia, minor nations of Western Asia
  • Volume III: Greece to the Peloponnesian war
  • Volume IV: Greece to the Roman conquest
  • Volume V: The Roman Republic
  • Volume VI: The early Roman empire
  • Volume VII: The later Roman Empire
  • Volume VIII: Parthians, Sassanids, and Arabs, the Crusades and the Papacy
  • Volume IX: Italy
  • Volume X: Spain and Portugal
  • Volume XI: France, 843-1715
  • Volume XII: France, 1715-1815
  • Volume XIII: France, 1815-1904; Netherlands
  • Volume XIV: The Netherlands (concluded), the Germanic empires
  • Volume XV: Germanic empires (concluded)
  • Volume XVI: Scandinavia, Switzerland to 1715
  • Volume XVII: Switzerland (concluded), Russia and Poland
  • Volume XVIII: England to 1485
  • Volume XIX England, 1485-1642
  • Volume XX: England, 1642-1791
  • Volume XXI: Scotland, Ireland, England since 1792
  • Volume XXII: The British colonies, the United States (early colonial period)
  • Volume XXII supplement: Australia and New Zealand; Published 1908, and containing two additional chapters on Australia and four on New Zealand.
  • Volume XXIII: The United States (concluded), Spanish America
  • Volume XXIV: Poland, the Balkans, Turkey, minor Eastern states, China, Japan
  • Volume XXV: Index
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